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LYNX AFRICA LTD is ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration laboratory in the following fields:

  1. Mass: weighing scales, balances, check weighers, hoppers.
  2. Pressure gauges
  3. Temperature:
    • Fridges, freezers, cold rooms, incubators, water baths, ovens, autoclaves etc.
    • Data loggers, thermometers, transmitters, moisture meters/analyzers.
  4. Volume: pipettes/micropipettes.
  5. Electrical: pH, Conductivity and Turbidity Meters.
  6. Rotary and Speed: Centrifuge.

 We are accredited by KENAS (Kenya Accreditation Service) and our standards are traceable to Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS).

We at  LYNX Africa Limited offer ultimate convenience to our Clients through onsite calibration services. We ensure that your equipment is both accurate and compliant.